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Mind-Body Work

Mind-Body Work

I believe in treating the whole person: spiritually, emotionally and physically and thus also offer a
Christian protocol for mind-body work adapting elements from Neuro-Emotional Technique,
Thought-Field Therapy, E.M.D.R (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing), and spiritual
warfare. This mind-body technique filters out New Age philosophies and harnesses God’s
remarkable created mechanisms in the body-mind connection. It provides a highly effective treatment procedure for quickly alleviating a wide range of psychological symptoms.

Interventions are based on the belief that the subconscious catalogues the individual’s life experience. The emotions that accompany traumatic life experiences seem to be stored in the body, almost like electrical charges. Previous trauma tends to cause current symptoms. Mind/body interventions are employed to clear previous trauma, thus relieving the current symptom.

You may have rehearsed the truth over and over in your mind, but until the truth is manifested in your broken life experiences and lies and unhealthy vows are broken, complete healing cannot take place.

Rebecca Fuller is a Master’s level mental health counselor committed to providing compassionate, change-oriented and affordable counseling for adolescents, adults and families. For a free life changing 1 hour consultation visit www.FullerCounseling.com or call 206-999-9537

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